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America is at a tipping point. We have an opportunity to rise to the potential of the principles laid out by our founders, to make a more perfect union, or we can give into the politics of greed and fear.

Our current system allows for corporations to purchase our government, and they have made a hefty down payment. We have an option to turn that around before it is too late and we lose our Democracy and become a Corpocracy; wholly owned by the business elite and not run by the people.

We have to INVEST IN AMERICA through medical care for all, education for all, and infrastructure to facilitate a growing nation and a growing economy. The majority of Americans agree on these common sense principles, but the Corporate overlords and our own flawed system will not let that happen. So, we must make systemic changes to our system in order to restore and strengthen our democracy. We will start with getting big money out of politics by repealing Citizens United and by giving people (not land mass) the vote by nullifying the Electoral College.